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  • MUNASA Executive Bulletin February 2006 -  Reports on the unanimous decision taken at the 15th Annual General Meeting on future Salary Policies, implementation of the new Policy on Harassment and Prohibited by Law, Automatic External Defibrillators, MUNASA finances and potential change to monthly dues, and notes on membership recruiting.


  • MUNASA Executive Bulletin June 2005 - Leadership in the University Context - The 5th Annual CACPUQ Symposium will be held at McGill - September 22-23 - Renowned Management Professor Henry Mintzberg will give the keynote address at the opening banquet on Sept. 22. Prominent Canadian historian Desmond Morton will ​English Brief -  French Brief the Sept 23 plenary sessions. MUNASA, in partnership with the University, will be hosting more than 300 fellow managers and professional from Quebec Universities. Also: Update on a Policy on Harassment and Discrimination Prohibited by Law. Update on Competencies. Update on Policy Negotiations.


  • MUNASA Executive Bulletin September 2004 Harassment Policy - MUNASA Executive Committee releases its analysis of the June 4 draft of the Policy on Harassment and Discrimination Prohibited by Law proposed by Dr. Martha Crago.

  • MUNASA Executive Bulletin May 25, 2004 - MUNASA Executive Committee is pleased to announce MUNASA will host the 2005 CACPUQ Annual Conference to be held at McGill in the spring of 2005.

  • MUNASA Executive Bulletin May 12, 2004 - MUNASA reaches agreement with the Administration on Summer Fridays and Floating Holidays and establishes a commitment by the University to salary increases for the next three years. The bulletin outlines a victory for the MUNASA membership who have achieved the right to choose floating holidays.

  • MUNASA Executive Bulletin April 2004 - MUNASA concludes the 2003 Personnel Policy Discussions with the Administration with an agreement to provide Overtime payments to employees in role profiles levels one and two and excluded. This bulletin also outlines MUNASA's and the Administration's proposals for the 2004 Personnel Policy Discussions.  This Bulletin serves as reference material for the April 21, 2004 Special General Meeting on Personnel Policies.


  • MUNASA Executive Bulletin March 2003 - MUNASA Held a Symposium on Overtime on Feb. 26 2003. This bulletin discusses the issues raised by MUNASA members at this Symposium.

  • MUNASA Executive Bulletin June 2003 - Outline of the MUNASA proposals for changes to Personnel Policies for 2003. The majority of the proposals arise from the new Compensation System.

  • MUNASA Executive Bulletin October 2003 - Notes on the University's proposal to MUNACA for increasing the Hours of Work. Article on Performance Dialog training by Human Resources and its relation to MUNASA's Principles of Performance Planning and Management.

  • Principles of Performance Planning (part of Personnel Policy Negotiations 2003) - The principles set out in this document are fundamental to the completion of the new Compensation System. They apply to the Staffing Policy, the Staff Development Policy, and the Staff Performance Policy all of which are essential components of a role-profile based Compensation System. The principles on Performance Planning contained in this document apply to all persons employed in management functions including senior administrators and academics with administrative responsibilities.

  • CACPUQ Annual Conference May 2003 (CACPUQ Conference on Mental Health in the Workplace).