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Member Representation

MUNASA is an association representing the collective interests of non-academic, non-unionized employees at McGill University.  It represents the interests of its members by negotiating salaries, benefits, and working conditions with the McGill Administration. 


MUNASA's mission is to promote the welfare and interests of our 1100+ members. 

UNASA is members helping members.

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Member Benefits

MUNASA provides support to its members through representation on various University committees:

  • Policy Review Committee with Labour Relations

  • Employee Relations Committee

  • Staff Benefits Advisory Committee (SBAC)

  • University Health and Safety Committee (UHSC)

  • Bi-centennial Committee

  • Pension Administration Committee

  • McGill Communities Council (MCC)

Member Resources

MUNASA is a resource for members for any of the following:

  • Administration policy questions, concerns or comments

    • Salaries, benefits, working conditions


  • Labour relation issues

    • Disputes, grievances, counsel and/or representation during formal and administrative proceedings

    • Legal counsel


  • Retirement related questions


When hired in a non-academic managerial position at McGill University, you are automatically registered as a MUNASA member by the department of Human Resources.


You can also sign-up at any time by completing and submitting our form:

MUNASA Application - EN

MUNASA Application - FR


If you have any questions regarding your membership status and/or an email you received from us, please contact : 


We also invite you to read our FAQ page.

All our members receive a welcome letter within a month of registration followed by regular email updates on relevant issues and important developments involving our membership. ​


As a member, you are encouraged to participate in MUNASA activities: 

  • Attend events, luncheon's & info sessions

  • Attend our annual general meeting

  • Join a committee

  • Run for an executive position

  • Vote in the elections 

Useful Links

Role Profiles - Management, Professional, Excluded Positions

Role profile descriptions were written in 2001 to comply with Pay Equity legislation. The M-Compensation framework was developed in 2002 based on the role profile descriptions. Role profile descriptions are based on job families and Sub-families. There are seven (7) job families and a category for excluded positions. In 2008, the M-Compensation structure was updated and now includes the notion of a mid-point to be more in-line with market and industry practices

Salary Scale - Management, Professional, Excluded Positions

Salary Scale effective date June 1, 2024

Salary Scale effective date June 1, 2023

Salary Scale effective date June 1, 2022

Salary Scale effective date June 1, 2021

Salary Scale effective date June 1, 2020

Salary Scale effective date June 1, 2019

Salary Scale effective date June 1, 2018

Salary Scale effective date June 1, 2017

Salary Scale effective date June 1, 2015

Salary Scale effective date June 1, 2012

Role Profile Descriptions

Role Profile Descriptions

McGill Insurance and Plan Details

McGill's benefits package includes everything from health and dental services, to medication, to emergency travel assistance. Explore this section to find out what's covered, and how to get the most out of your plan. If your life situation changes (you get married, you retire, etc), your coverage will too, so consult Changes to your coverage to find out what situations apply.

Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

The EAP is a confidential counselling service. The program offers confidential, short-term counselling and referral services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The professionals are qualified specialists from different fields (psychology, social work, educational counselling), and are all accredited.

Confidential assistance is available for a broad range of personal and work-related concerns which may affect you or your family, such as:

• Personal and/or job stress 
• Parenting issues
• Relationship issues 
• Separation and loss
• Balancing work and Family 
• Substance Abuse
• Traumatic Events 

The program is provided at no cost to you.

Commision des normes de travail, de l'équité , de la santé et de la sécurité de travail

The Quebec Act respecting labour standards provides the minumum rights of an employee working in Quebec beyond which are the rights negotiated by MUNASA on behalf of its members, the non-unionized non-academic staff.

Positions Available at McGill

Job postings for Administrative Term (Fixed Term) and Administrative Regular positions.

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