MUNASA is an association run by volunteers and McGill University's recognized body that represents and negotiates on behalf of Managerial employees. 

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McGill University Non-Academic Staff Association (MUNASA) 
3495 Peel Street, Suite 203

Montreal, QC H3A 1W7


Telephone : (514) 398-6540   


Judy Dear
(514) 462-9876

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Information and Resources on Retirement

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Basic information:

McGill University Savings Program

895 Don Mills Road
Tower One, Suite 700
Toronto, Ontario
M3C 1W3

Telephone: 1-855-687-2111 (Canada and United States)
or 416-390-2613 (Overseas)

McGill University Retirement Websites

An association open to all McGill retirees has been organized by the following employee groups: MUNASA, M.A.U.T. ,M.U.N.A.C.A. and S.E.I.U.. M.U.R.A. will keep retirees informed of developments at McGill that may be of interest to them, organize events for them, and represent their interests in matters such as staff benefits.

Should you be interested in joining this group, please click the link below.

McGill University Retirees Association/Association des retraités de l'Université McGill 

McGill University Retirees Association - M.U.R.A.